TRG Log Yards

All TRG Log Yards are operated by full-time Licensed Wood Scalers who utilize the equipment necessary to efficiently unload and load trucks, scale and grade each log to its highest and best use, use handheld computers to record & track each load and in addition same-day payment is available for logs delivered to most locations.

Our Log Buyers and Licensed Wood Scalers are also available to meet with our suppliers on their logging jobs, in the woods to help merchandise their logs to the highest and best financial return and we do offer roadside veneer scaling services.

Stratton Lumber Inc & Fontaine Inc Sawmills

Buying spruce & fir year-round

  • Direct to the sawmills
    • Logs scaled, Logs on weight, Tree Length High Grade
  • Delivered to TRG Log Yards
    • Logs scaled (Logs on weight & Tree Length High Grade at certain locations)
  • Picked up Roadside
    • Logs scaled

All Log Suppliers get paid directly by the Sawmills, whichever location the spruce/fir is delivered to; there is no middleman or broker involved.  

Log Specification Sheets