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Where is the cold weather this winter?

The lack of cold weather this winter has had an impact on most loggers, landowners and land managers.  Many folks were unable to get onto their winter jobs and if they did, had to move to dryer grounds to a different location.

Hardwood pulpwood and firewood market remains strong.  Spruce/Fir prices decreased due to the extremely poor lumber market. Futures on the spruce/fir lumber market do not look great going in to the spring and early summer.  There is quite a bit of Euro spruce coming in on shiploads into the east coast seaports further dropping the overall lumber price. That a long with the higher interest rates are hurting the lumber market as less homes are being built.  


New Log Yards - buying spruce and fir

  • Royalton, VT - right off Exit #3 of I-89; buying spruce & fir sawlogs by log scale
  • Newbury, VT - right off Exit #17 of I-91; buying spruce & fir logs by log scale
    • Contact Log Buyers: John Rounds or Craig Owen for more details and current pricing


  • Skowhegan, ME - located at Carrier Chipping ; buying spruce & fir logs and treelength high grade by weight
  • Millinocket, ME - located at the end of the Golden Road; buying spruce & fir logs and treelength high grade by weight
    • Contact Log Buyer Trevor Lewis for more details and current pricing
We buy mixed loads of spruce/fir and hardwood sawlogs, veneer logs and pallet logs in our Hardwick and East Burke Vermont Log Yards.

Megantic Veneer Company

Effective in July 2021 we again started buying birch and maple veneer logs for Megantic Veneer Company (former Masonite mill) in Lac-Megantic, Quebec.  The mill is running well and their main focus is producing veneer faces for customers located on in the U.S., panels for use in guitars and veneer panels for furniture. 

TRG has been the veneer log procurement for this mill since 1990 though the ownerships (now 3).  The mill was established by the 4th and original owner, the Cliche family in 1913.

Please contact the Log Buyer in your area to get updated prices on birch and hard maple veneer into our TRG Log Yards and  roadside in New Hampshire, Vermont and New York