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Market Update - December 2017

  • Log Specification Sheets are available at the bottom of the Log Yards & Sawmills page; just click on the link.
  • Both Stratton Lumber and Fontaine sawmills are doing well and the  spruce/fir lumber market is good.  We are always looking for more spruce and fir logs. Red, white, black and Norway spruce and Balsam Fir are all acceptable species. The mills are focusing on increased production and are investing in some exciting major capital projects this fall to help achieve their goals. If you'd like a mill tour at any time, please contact your Log Buyer or Allan and we can set something up!
  • Hardwood Log Market has improved somewhat over the the fall months. Now that cooler weather is here and the stain season has stopped, the mills are wanting to increase their inventory. White ash and red oak are the most favorable; and yellow birch and hard maple sawlogs are decent. White birch and low grade hardwood logs continue to be the challenge. Good quality hardwood veneer logs continue to be in demand. 
  • Please contact your TRG Log Buyer for the most updated prices for your particular area.

We are pleased to announce our newest Spruce & Fir Log Yard in PASSADUMKEAG, ME

  • Buying SPRUCE & BALSAM FIR on weight
    • Spruce sawlogs      12' - 14' - 16' with 4"-6" trim, 16's preferred
    • Spruce treelength high grade
    • Fir sawlogs
    • Fir treelength high grade

Log yard is located  at 185 Diamond Lumber Road in Passadumkeag and is in partnership with American Forest Management who is in charge of handling the wood.

Please contact Trevor Lewis, Log Buyer (207) 491-9003 for more information and current pricing.

These logs are destined for Stratton Lumber Inc. in Stratton, Maine