TRG News

September 2018


Our Colebrook Yard closed, but we opened a new yard in Pittsburg and are accepting spruce/fir sawlogs and treelength high grade!  Both products are bought on weight (by the ton).

Sorry - we are not accepting hardwood logs at our new Pittsburg location.

Please contact John Rounds (603) 731-4032, TRG Log Buyer or Craig Owen (603) 731-1903 for the current prices into our Pittsburg, NH Log Yard.

Log Yard is 17.5 miles north of our former Colebrook Yard on Route 3 and is owned and operated by Brian Amey Transport (Brian & Coco Amey).

They are open Mon - Thu 7am - 4pm and Friday 7am - 2pm.

We are pleased to announce John Rounds from Vermont has been hired as a Log Buyer and will be covering the northern NH, central and southern VT, northern MA and eastern NY areas.  John is a Licensed Wood Scaler an has an extensive background in the forest products industry in New England and NY.


  • Log Specification Sheets are available at the bottom of the Log Yards & Sawmills page; just click on the link.

Market Update - October 24, 2018

  • Spruce/Fir lumber market has taken some dramatic falls since it's high this summer. Consequently the log market is dropping as well.
  • We are always looking for more spruce and fir logs. Red, white, black and Norway spruce and Balsam Fir are all acceptable species. The mills are focusing on increased production and are invested in some exciting major capital projects last fall and this summer to help achieve their goals. If you'd like a mill tour at any time, please contact your Log Buyer or Allan and we can set something up!
  • Come check out the first CONTINUOUS KILN in the northeastern United States which was completed in December of 2017 here at Stratton Lumber in Stratton, Maine
    • Rough Green Lumber is fed into each end of the kiln and the lumber moves a long through the kiln, each side bypassing each other and coming out the other end kiln dried.  No doors on these kilns.  The wood is continuously fed into each side. This new technology has improved kiln production at Stratton Lumber.
  • Hardwood Log Market continues to be pretty decent. We are buying most all hardwood species in our Vermont Log Yards only. We have see some price drops in red oak recently.
  • Please contact your TRG Log Buyer for the most updated prices