TRG News

Market Update - November/December 2016

  • Overall, both spruce mills - Stratton Lumber & Fontaine Inc have a decent inventory of logs to saw going into the winter season.
  • Pulpwood & biomass markets continue to be challenging for the logging contractors and most landowners throughout New England
  • With such a dry summer/fall, logging conditions have been very good; resulting in a lot of wood being cut. Most sawmills in New England & Quebec (both hardwood & softwood) as well as all the pulp mills, biomass plants and pellet mills have pretty strong inventories going into the cooler weather season. 

Other Recent News:

  • Norway spruce is now allowed in NeLMA (Northeastern Lumber Manufactures) lumber grades meaning that Stratton Lumber & Fontaine Inc sawmills are able to buy this species.  This is good news for the industry and sawmills as we have had to turn down buying this species in the previous years.
  • TRG & Stratton Lumber helped contribute to the testing of this species with the help of AFM (American Forest Management.  AFM donated the logs, TRG arranged for the harvesting and trucking and Stratton Lumber donated the sawing the logs into lumber.